L Y M Cheung

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The Notch signalling pathway ligand delta-like 1 homologue (Dlk1, also named Pref1) is expressed throughout the developing pituitary and becomes restricted to mostly growth hormone (GH) cells within the adult gland. We have investigated the role of Dlk1 in pituitary development and function from late embryogenesis to adulthood using a mouse model completely(More)
The previous binaural data of the authors measured inside two multi-purpose performance halls are re-analyzed using regression in this study. It is done in an attempt to establish a framework that can improve the prediction of early interaural cross-correlation coefficients (IACCs), but with as little measurement effort and parameters as possible. The(More)
A detailed binaural sound measurement was carried out in two multi-purpose performance halls of different seating capacities and designs in Hong Kong in the present study. The effectiveness of using neural network in the predictions of the acoustical properties using a limited number of measurement points was examined. The root-mean-square deviation from(More)
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