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This study was carried out to search for possible association between some polymorphic systems including ABO, MNSs, Rh, Duffy, Kell, Kidd, haptoglobin (Hp) and red cell acid phosphatase (PHs), and the variables serum cholesterol, triglyceride, urate, haemoglobin and blood pressure, in two separate samples of the Australian white population. Allele(More)
TRIP-Br proteins are a novel family of transcriptional coregulators involved in E2F-mediated cell cycle progression. Three of the four mammalian members of TRIP-Br family, including TRIP-Br1, are known oncogenes. We now report the identification of the Balpha regulatory subunit of serine/threonine protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) as a novel TRIP-Br1(More)
This investigation presents the results of Hp and Tf subtyping of sera from 307 Australian whites by means of isoelectric focusing. Five Hp alleles were detected, these being Hp1F = 0.168, Hp1S = 0.235, Hp2FF = 0.003, Hp2FS = 0.561 and Hp2SS = 0.033. In the Tf system six alleles were found, TfC1 = 0.761, TfC2 = 0.176, TfC3 = 0.054, TfC6 = 0.002, TfB = 0.006(More)
We analysed self-reported cold data for 95 pairs of identical twins who took part in a double-blind trial of vitamin C tablets. One member of each twin pair took vitamin C and the other took a well matched placebo each day for 100 days. Vitamin C had no significant effect except for shortening the average duration of cold episodes by 19%.
Linkage between Alzheimer's disease and markers on the long arm of chromosome 21 was investigated in six families affected by disease of early onset. Linkage was confirmed and the disease locus shown to be centromeric to the locus D21S1/S11 on the long arm of the chromosome. It is argued that the data are consistent with the notion that all patients with(More)