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Automated and accurate classification of MR brain images is extremely important for medical analysis and interpretation. Over the last decade numerous methods have already been proposed. In this paper, we presented a novel method to classify a given MR brain image as normal or abnormal. The proposed method first employed wavelet transform to extract(More)
Removal of a selectable marker gene from genetically modified (GM) crops alleviates the risk of its release into the environment and hastens the public acceptance of GM crops. Here we report the production of marker-free transgenic rice by using a chemically regulated, Cre/loxP-mediated site-specific DNA recombination in a single transformation. Among 86(More)
Bacterial blight of rice, caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) (Ishyama) Dye, is one of the serious diseases prevalent throughout Asia. In a previous study, a resistance (R) locus was transferred from the tetraploid wild rice Oryza minuta to the cultivated rice species, Oryza sativa L. Here, we report the fine genetic mapping of the R locus,(More)
 The vasorelaxation induced by carbon monoxide (CO) has been demonstrated previously. Both a guanosine cyclic monophosphate (cGMP) signalling pathway and cGMP-independent mechanisms have been proposed to be responsible for the vascular action of CO. A direct effect of CO on the activity of calcium-activated K (KCa) channels in vascular smooth muscle cells(More)
International Journal of Geographical Information Science Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information: http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~content=t713599799 Towards a General Field model and its order in GIS Y. Liu a; M. F. Goodchild b; Q. Guo c; Y. Tian a; L. Wu a a Institute of Remote Sensing and Geographic(More)
Induction of COX-2 expression and enzymatic activity promotes neuronal injury in a number of models of neurological disease. Inhibition of COX-2 activity, either genetically or pharmacologically, has been shown to be neuroprotective in rodent models of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Inhibition of COX activity with(More)
A hybrid-specific expressed cDNA fragment, designated as AG5, has been identified in wheat seedling leaves using differential mRNA display. AG5 contains an open reading frame (ORF) encoding 183 amino acid residues. Comparison with amino acid sequences in GenBank revealed that the AG5 protein is homologous to a group of Gly-rich proteins with consensus(More)