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Fiber strength is an essential trait of fiber property in cotton, and it is quantitatively inherited. Identification of stable quantitative trait loci (QTL) contributing to fiber strength would provide the key basis for marker-assisted selection (MAS) in cotton breeding. In this study, four interspecific hybridization populations were established with a(More)
—Automated and accurate classification of MR brain images is extremely important for medical analysis and interpretation. Over the last decade numerous methods have already been proposed. In this paper, we presented a novel method to classify a given MR brain image as normal or abnormal. The proposed method first employed wavelet transform to extract(More)
Geospatial data modelling is dominated by the distinction between continuous-field and discrete-object conceptualizations. However, the boundary between them is not always clear, and the field view is more fundamental in some respects than the object view. By viewing a set of objects as an object field and unifying it with conventional field models, a new(More)
We present an approach for remote operation of instruments in the Internet environment. We h a v e applied this approach to in-situ electron microscopy experiments that require dynamic interaction with the specimen under observation , as it is excited with external stimuli, i.e., temperature variation, EM eld variation, etc. The dynamic operations include(More)
—Operations planning in smart grids is likely to become a more complex and demanding task in the next decades. In this paper we show how to formulate the problem of planning short-term load curtailment in a dense urban area, in the presence of uncertainty in electricity demand and in the state of the distribution grid, as a stochastic mixed-integer(More)