L. Wilson

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Basilar artery occlusion is a devastating but treatable form of ischaemic stroke with high morbidity and mortality rates. The diagnosis is often challenging due to considerable heterogeneity of clinical signs and symptoms. We report a case of an acute basilar artery occlusion presenting with decreased level of consciousness associated with rhythmic tonic(More)
Features extracted by operators which examine diameter-limited gradient direction histograms are important because they describe images of industrial workpieces efficiently and have the potential for rapid computation via special purpose hardware. When such operators are passed over an image in raster fashion, features such as the following are detected: a(More)
One hundred and sixty one children who have developed more than one primary neoplasm have been identified. Children with tumours of the central nervous system, retinoblastoma and leukaemia were those most frequently observed to develop a second malignancy whilst osteosarcoma was the most common second tumour. The patterns of second neoplasms appear to be(More)
The properties of a new tumour cell line (NB1-G) derived from human neuroblastoma by xenografting in nude rats followed by adaptation to tissue culture are described. Studies using a panel of monoclonal antibodies demonstrate the neuro-ectodermal nature of the cells and support the diagnosis of the primary tumour as neuroblastoma. Cytogenetic studies have(More)
Methotrexate (MTX) shows consistent cytotoxicity for melanoma cells in vitro but it is ineffective in clinical use at equivalent concentrations in vivo. This apparent paradox has been investigated by cell culture techniques and results quantified by cell number. In an in vitro model of high dose MTX therapy followed by leucovorin rescue (HD-MTX-LCR) there(More)
Adipose tissue cellularity and metabolism are traditionally expressed in terms of mean cell size and number. The need for a simple method allowing rapid determination of cell size and number of freshly isolated, unfixed adipocyte preparations led us to compare estimates of cell size determined by the established method of optical sizing to a proposed method(More)
Cell growth survival studies have revealed that 7-OH methotrexate is two orders of magnitude less cytotoxic to human melanoma and human acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) cells in vitro than methotrexate. The influence of 7-OH methotrexate on methotrexate toxicity was investigated by studying cell growth in the presence of methotrexate and its 7-OH(More)
The effects of an aromatic retinoid, etretinate and a vinca alkaloid, vindesine were investigated by culture of malignant melanoma cells in vitro with these two agents; either separately or in combination. Etretinate inhibited growth of a murine melanoma but only minimal effects were recorded with two human melanomas. Vindesine however, was inhibitory for(More)
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