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D. Glaves3
J. C. Holmes2
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2J. C. Holmes
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When injected i.v. into mice, the F10 subline of B16 melanoma cells produced significantly more lung tumours over a 3-week period than cells of the F101.r-6 subline. However, in animals bearing intramuscular tumours produced by these sublines, the high pulmonary-colonization potential of the F10 cells was not realized, and no significant differences in(More)
Estimates were made of the rates at which cancer cells were released directly into the renal vein in patients undergoing radical nephrectomy for primary renal cancer. Cancer cells were counted in blood samples taken from the renal vein using a density gradient centrifugation procedure, and identified using immunocytochemical techniques, on the basis of(More)
We report the isolation of West Nile (WN) virus from four patient serum samples submitted for diagnosis during an outbreak of WN fever in Israel in 2000. Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis revealed two lineages, one closely related to a 1999 New York isolate and the other to a 1999 Russian isolate.
The hypothesis that metastases arise from pre-existing metastatic sub-populations of cancer cells with heritable metastasis-related characteristics, was tested by comparing the metastatic behaviour of cancer cells derived from pulmonary metastases with those from corresponding primary tumours, after implanting them subcutaneously in mice. In the case of KHT(More)
  • Julie Beucher, Pierre-Yves Boëlle, Pierre-François Busson, Céline Muselet-Charlier, Annick Clement, Harriet Corvol +67 others
  • 2012
The clinical course of cystic fibrosis (CF) varies between patients bearing identical CFTR mutations, suggesting the involvement of modifier genes. We assessed the association of lung disease severity with the variant AGER -429 T/C, coding for RAGE, a pro-inflammatory protein, in CF patients from the French CF Gene Modifier Study. We analyzed the lung(More)
Quantitative microdensitometry and computerised interactive image analysis were used to compare the expression of endogenous lectins by cells of mouse colon 26 carcinomas, growing either as primary tumours or metastases, in five different anatomic sites (caecum, liver, lung, spleen, s.c.). Endogenous lectins were visualised in tissue sections using the ABC(More)
To assess dynamics of HIV-1 DNA in highly antiretroviral (ARV)-experienced HIV-infected patients successfully treated with raltegravir (RAL)-containing therapy. Nineteen patients with virological failure whose ARV treatment was switched to a RAL-based salvage regimen with virological success were included (Group I). Ten patients in virological failure and(More)
The effects were determined of an initial i.v. injection of 0.2 ml suspensions of 125IUdR-labelled lymphosarcoma cells on the early arrest patterns of a second injection of cancer cells into tumour-bearing mice. The results indicate that interactions between the first injection and the host markedly affected the arrest pattern of the second dose in the(More)
METASTASiS by the haematogenous roLute is a continuous process, and it appears likelIy that cancer cells are released into the bloodstream from primary cancers in suiecessive waves. The question therefore arises whether the arrest and retention of one "pulse" of circulating cancer cells in an organ modifies the retention pattern of a succeeding "pulse". In(More)
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