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Hypothetical axionlike particles with a two-photon interaction would be produced in the sun by the Primakoff process. In a laboratory magnetic field ("axion helioscope"), they would be transformed into x-rays with energies of a few keV. Using a decommissioned Large Hadron Collider test magnet, the CERN Axion Solar Telescope ran for about 6 months during(More)
Synchrotron particle accelerators are mainly composed of magnets. Long dipole magnets are employed to bend and to contain the beam within a circular trajectory. Their field quality is usually tested by arrays of rotating coils. Typically the measurements must be affected by low uncertainty (+10-4) and the calibration of the sensing coils, in terms of(More)
An in situ procedure for calibrating equivalent magnetic area and rotation radius of rotating coils is proposed for testing accelerator magnets shorter than the measuring coil. The procedure exploits measurements of magnetic field and mechanical displacement inside a reference quadrupole magnet. In a quadrupole field, an offset between the magnet and coil(More)
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