L. W. Stulz

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A technique is described for measuring the rate of photobleaching of anisotropic dye molecules in solid polymer matrices. Three dyes of different classes in two matrices (PMMA and epoxy resin) show bleaching rates that differ by a factor of 20. The bleaching rate is linearly proportional to the intensity of incident radiation, indicating a one-photon(More)
Uncooled 2.5-Gb/s directly modulated lasers are used to demonstrate a coarse wavelength-division-multiplexed (CWDM) transmission capacity of 160 Gb/s. All 16 CWDM channels, modulated at 10 Gb/s, are simultaneously transmitted over 40 km of uncompensated low-water-peak nonzero dispersion fiber. Operation with bit-error ratio BER 1 9 is demonstrated for all(More)
Increases in the extraordinary refractive index sufficient to produce single and multimode optical waveguides have been produced by the outdiffusion of lithium oxide from the surfaces of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate crystals. The outdiffusion kinetics have been studied in detail by optical interferometry. The data fit a diffusion model for which(More)
We investigate the effective reflectivity of a hyperbolic microlens. At its position of peak coupling, this type of lens, which couples more power into a single-mode optical fiber than any other reported microlens, is found to reflect ~ -40 dB of the incident optical power back into a typical semiconductor laser. This reflectivity induces a peak-to-peak(More)
The usefulness of fractal Hilbert cur es in antenna geometry is explored here for the first time. Apart from being simple and self-similar, these cur es ha e the additional property of approximately filling a plane. These properties are exploited in realizing a ‘‘ small’’ resonant antenna. This approach has resulted in an antenna size smaller than 10 and(More)
We demonstrate six-channel 160-Gb/s wavelength-division-multiplexed transmission over 20 100-km spans of nonzero-dispersion fiber, with a spectral efficiency of 0.53 b/s/Hz. We achieve this result using optical-time-division multiplexing with polarization bit interleaving and return-to-zero differential-phase-shift-keying modulation format. We also operate(More)
A method is described for measuring transmittance, reflectance, and loss spectra in thin optical films. The method is applied to measure the properties of multilayer coatings of Si and SiO(2) used to make mirrors and antireflection coating in the 1.0-1. 7-microm wavelength region. Mirrors with reflectance up to 99.5% with nine quarter-wavelength layers and(More)