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Oscillatory secretion of insulin has been observed in many different experimental preparations ranging from pancreatic islets to the whole pancreas. Here we examine the mathematical features underlying a possible model for oscillatory secretion from the perifused, insulin-secreting cell line, HIT-15. The model includes the kinetics of uptake of glucose by(More)
We explore possible kinetic mechanisms responsible for the oscillatory (pulsatile) secretion of insulin observed in vitro when pancreatic islets or islet-derived cells are perifused with glucose. Three primary processes are included: 1) glucose stimulation of insulin secretion, controlled by glucokinase; 2) uptake of glucose through GLUT transporters; and(More)
The domain model of Ca2+ inactivation of Ca2+ channels, which has been used to explain rapid inactivation of whole cell Ca2+ currents in pancreatic beta cells, is applied to single-time and conditional open probability measurements on guinea pig ventricular myocyte Ca2+ channels. These two measurements greatly constrain the choice of kinetic constants in(More)
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