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The LDH isoenzymes of cell organelles (nuclei, mitochondria, microsomes, cytosol) obtained from neuronal- and glial-enriched fractions were determined by disc polyacrylamide electrophoresis and stained for enzyme activity. The quantitative estimation was made either by elution of isoenzymes or by densitometric measurements. The neuronal fraction was found(More)
During synaptogenesis the plasma membrane of neurons undergoes considerable changes and large portions of it develop to synaptic membranes. This transformation is brought about by biochemical and morphological changes. The aim of the present investigation was to study by morphological methods the in vivo changes of some basic components of the neuronal(More)
Growth cones were isolated from the forebrains of 1, 5 and 9 days-old rats. The ultrastructural characterization of the obtained subcellular fractions reveals that two of them (GC1 and GC2) contain predominantly growth cones. It was found that the protein content of the membranes contained in these fractions increases 7.5 times, while in whole forebrain the(More)
Membrane and soluble protein fractions were obtained from forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain of embryos or neonatal rats. The amount of the protein of the corresponding brain parts was followed up as a function of DNA content. Age-related changes of the concentration of over 50 protein bands were observed in all three brain parts. There are also bands which(More)
l'lic tiilf~~sion and conver\ion of ACli fi-on1 one form Into anotlier responsible ior tlic t~.;uism~ssion oi licrvc ~ r n p ~ ~ l \ c \ in the cholincrgic iynxpsc's is describeti b> mcam offi\c \iiii~iltancous ortiinor? d~lkrcnt~al ctluatlon\.INTRODLJCTION The I;)llowi~ig basic liqpotlieses with respect t o tlie 11-:lnsrnission of ncrcc impulses in the(More)
The negative electric charges on the synaptosomes from rat cerebral cortex were studied by means of protamine-ferritin conjugate. The synaptic vesicles in some synaptosomes were heavily labelled with the positively charged conjugate. The synaptosomal membranes including presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes were also stained but in a lesser degree. It was(More)
By means of combined lectinological and immunological methods were demonstrated mistletoe lectin I binding sites on rat cerebral cortex synaptosomes. The mistletoe lectin I binds specifically D-galactose. Galactosyl residues were established on the junctional and nonjunctional synaptosomal membrane, on the synaptic vesicles, mitochondria and on myelin(More)