L. Vassallo

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The islands of Sicily and Malta have very different prevalence rates for multiple sclerosis (MS): at least 44 per 100,000 in Sicily and only 4 per 100,000 in Malta. In Northern Europe, MS is associated with HLA-DR2/Dw2. The other components of the commonest DR2-containing haplotype of this region, HLA-A3-B7-DR2-Dw2, also tend to be present at higher(More)
After an intensive survey only 14 patients have been found with a diagnosis of probable multiple sclerosis (MS) in the islands of Malta. This is a low prevalence of 4.2 per 100 000. The low prevalence of MS is confirmed by the small number of deaths certified as due to MS--six in 11 years--and by the absence of Maltese MS patients resident in England among(More)
Amphicrine carcinoma is a peculiar tumor in which the cells have both exocrine and neuroendocrine differentiation, with mucus and neuroendocrine granules within the cytoplasm. In the 2010 WHO classification of tumors of the digestive tract, they have been included in the intermediate-grade malignant category of mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinomas (MANECs).(More)
Ectopic pancreas is defined as pancreatic tissue outside the normal location without connection to the normal pancreas. It occurs throughout the gastrointestinal tract, most commonly in the stomach (25-60%), followed by the duodenum (25-35%) and jejunum (16%). It may develop the same pathological changes of a normal pancreas such as acute pancreatitis and(More)
Pleomorphic ductal invasive carcinoma is a very rare, high-grade breast cancer with unfavourable prognosis. It contains highly pleomorphic giant cells, which represent more than 50% of the cancer cells. One such case is described herein, focusing on its morphological, histopathological and immunohistochemical patterns. It was multicentric, oestrogen and(More)
Tubulo-squamous polyp is an infrequent, apparently benign lesion which has recently been described in the vagina. Histologically, it is characterized by an epithelial component, consisting of squamous nests and tubules, embedded in a hypocellular fibrous stroma. Here, we report an unusual histological variant showing a cellular stroma, as an additional(More)