L. V. Voskresenskaya

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A chamber for neurophysiological investigations of nerve-tissue cultures, consisting essentially of a 12-electrode matrix made by spraying metal on a slide or coverslip, is described. Experiments involving recording electrical activity, stimulation, and directing the growth of a nerve-tissue culture can be carried out in such a chamber. Because of the(More)
Statistical characteristics of spontaneous unit activity in the rat hippocampus (area CA1–2) in situ and in vitro were compared. Statistical analysis showed good agreement between estimates of the basic numerical characteristics of interspike interval distributions: mathematical expectations, dispersions, and coefficients of asymmetry and excess in spike(More)
The principles of morphogenesis of Ammon's horn of the neonatal rat hippocampus in tissue culture (area CA1-2) were studied by light-optical and electron-microscopic methods. Analysis of 5-, 12-, and 21-day cultures revealed maturation of the hippocampal pyramidal cells in vitro, the development of a protein-synthesizing system, and synaptogenesis. The(More)
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