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Bone marrow suppressor B cells in vitro.
Marrow cells from intact CBA and (CBA x C57B1)F1 mice added to a culture of syngeneic splenocytes at its initiation suppressed the generation of anti-SRBC antibody-forming cells. Removal of cellsExpand
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[Dynamics of the activity of the normal mouse spleen killers after partial splenectomy].
The activity of natural killers from the mouse spleen was determined by 51Cr clearance from labeled target cells (YAC-1) at different times after resection of the two-thirds of the spleen. In theExpand
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[Lymphocyte subpopulation state of the human lung during prenatal development].
Distribution of surface lymphocyte markers was assessed in foetus lung by cytofluorimetry using monoclonal antibodies produced by "Ortho Diagnostic systems" and "Becton Dickinson". Seven lymphocyteExpand
[Effect of interferon and its liposome-incorporated inducer on the recovery of natural killer activity after immobilization stress].
In this work the data on the decrease of the activity of natural killer cells, determined in the test of the release of radioactive chromium from labeled target cells YAC-1 in CBA and BALB/c miceExpand
[Nature of the change in cytostatic and cytotoxic splenocyte functions in mice after immobilization stress].
It has been shown that at late periods after immobilization stress there is an essential reduction in the cytostatic activity of CBA mice splenocytes detected by inhibition of mastocytoma P 815 cellExpand
[Immunoglobulin-positive cells in mouse bone marrow].
The content of Ig-bearing lymphocytes and their precursors in the mouse bone marrow was investigated 6 and 36 hours after the hydroxyurea treatment. Some increase of the B-cell content takes place inExpand
[Analysis of changes in natural cytostatic and cytotoxic activity of mouse spleen cells after treatment with cyclophosphamide and alpha-interferon].
Cytostatic and cytotoxic activity of mouse spleen cells against normal and tumour target cells has been studied. The comparative analysis of mouse spleen cell cytostatic and cytotoxic activity afterExpand