L. V. Soltész

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The present study shows that certain species of lactobacilli isolated from the human vagina can, on artificial culture media, inhibit growth of other bacterial species recovered from the same site. The antibiosis seems to be mediated by one or more extracellular compounds produced by the lactobacilli acting, over a wide pH-range, on both Gram-positive and(More)
A medium ("Y" medium) is described, which was more efficient for the isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica from experimentally infected faecal specimens than desoxycholate-citrate. McConkey, lactose-sucrose-urea (LSU) agar, and Yersinia selective medium (Wauter's medium). The "Y" medium consists of casein hydrolysate and peptone servings as carbon and energy(More)
The late results of the first 30 crural bypass operations are presented. The longest follow-up period was 6, the shortest 1 year. At the time of check-ups 14 of the bypasses were penetrable, and 16 were occluded. On 9 of the latter 16 amputation of the thigh had to be performed. Flow conditions and the problems of indication and contra-indication are(More)