L V Riabova

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Heterologous monoclonal antibodies E2 (against rat cytokeratin 8) and OSC-1 (against cytoskeletal preparations of mouse oocytes) were used to study the presence and distribution of cytokeratins in Xenopus oocytes during their maturation and growth. To improve visualization of cytokeratins, more adequate methods of oocyte fixation and processing were(More)
The intact and isolated cortices of the Rana temporaria oocytes were studied at different stages of maturation by means of electron microscopy. In the isolated cortex of definitive oocyte the microfilaments were concentrated mainly in the microvilli, whereas under the plasma membrane there was only a thin disordered net of microfilaments. At the stage of(More)
The cytoplasm of mature non-activated and cleaving eggs of A. stellatus and R. temporaria had no cytostatic effect. The cytoplasm treated with EGTA, being injected in one of two blastomeres of the cleaving egg of the same species, inhibits fully or partially the cleavage. The nuclei in the "arrested" blastomeres had, however, vesicular structure but were(More)
Thymosine, a thymus hormone, restores the thymectomy induced deterioration of the routine pathways of migration and differentiation ofhemopoietic stem cells in mice. Administration of thymosine together with bone marrow cells from thymectomized mice to irradiated recipients also restores the level of migration and differentiation of hemopoietic stem cells.(More)
The paper describes the system of continuous post-graduate advanced training proceeding from the example of physicians who participated in the training course at the chair of child and teenage hygiene at the Central Institute for Advanced Medical Studies during correspondence and full-time training travelling cycles. The work was conducted with the group of(More)
We studied the distribution of two actin-binding proteins, alpha-actinin and vinculin, in the oocytes and eggs of Xenopus laevis. These proteins are localized in the cortical area. A morphological connection of vinculin with the mirofilaments and plasma membrane was shown; the actin matrix in the egg was gold-labeled more intensely than in the oocyte. A(More)