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When Hb AIc was estimated by affinity chromatography where boron phenyl-agarose was used as a sorbent, the highest rate of Hb AIc binding with the sorbent was detected at pH 8.5-9.0 while the maximal elution of the protein occurred at 0.3-0.5 M concentration of sorbitol used as an eluent. Content of Hb AIc, estimated in 56 patients with insulin-dependent(More)
The signal transduction pathways triggering apoptotic mechanisms after ischemia/reperfusion may involve TNF-α secretion, ceramide generation, and initiation of lipid peroxidation. In the present study involvement of the TNF-α, sphingomyelin cycle, and lipid peroxidation in the initiation of apoptosis induced in liver cells by ischemia and reperfusion was(More)
Indirect immunoperoxidase assay and computer analysis of photographic images revealed more intensive expression of prolactin receptors in hepatocytes of women compared to men. The intensity of expression was maximum in secondary liver cancer, high in obstructive jaundice of different etiology, and less pronounced in cholelithiasis. The expression of(More)
Cytokine-stimulated metabolism of sphingomyelin results in the accumulation of ceramide and sphingosine which play a part in the regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation, and reception, as well as in oncogenesis. Formation of TNF-alpha (a member of the cytokine family), accumulation of sphingosine, and DNA synthesis (measured by immunoblotting,(More)
The relationship between energy metabolism in the remaining liver tissue after 60% hepatectomy and the activity of low-molecular-weight thermostable hepatocyte growth factor was studied in rats. The energy status of the liver was markedly reduced 6 h and to a greater degree 12 h after the operation, judging from the levels of ATP, ADP, AMP, and energy(More)
Activities of elastase- and trypsin-like proteinases from granulocytes as well as content of their acid-stable inhibitors were studied in 80 samples of the bronchial secretory products obtained from 34 children from 4 to 15 years old suffering from various forms of bronchopulmonary pathology/primary chronic pneumonia, Cartagener's syndrom, mucoviscidosis,(More)
Using an inhibitory analysis, the different enzymatic nature of kininogenase and elastase activities in serine proteinase fractions (pI 8.3-10.75) isolated from human granulocyte lysates by isoelectrofocusing was demonstrated. The thermo- and acid-stable serine proteinase inhibitor from rabbit serum was shown to completely inhibit the kininogenase activity(More)
Proteolytic destruction of pig aortal valves was studied at various steps of their preparation to implantation (native tissue, the tissue treated with terrylytine as well as with terrylytine and glutaric aldehyde) using pig pancreatic elastase and bacterial collagenase. The rate of the tissue destruction was estimated by means of monitoring an increase in(More)
Activities of main components of KKS were estimated in the urine of patients with latent, nephrotic and hypertonic forms of chronic glomerulonephritis (ChGN) and compared to those parameters in urine of healthy persons. The data obtained allow to make a conclusion concerning the pathogenetic and the compensatory role of plasma KKS in the nephrotic form of(More)
Tankyrase, one of the NAD+ ADP-ribosyltransferases, is a target for drugs developed for their anticancer and other pharmacological activities. We designed an assay for estimation of the inhibition or activation of the enzyme in pre-clinical studies. In mice, the highest specific activity of tankyrase was observed in thymus, spleen, pancreas, and bone(More)