L V Paĭkova

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Histologic structure of Mueller's adenosarcoma has been studied in 5 patients subjected to uterine and its appendages extirpation. Microspectrophotometric assessment of the course of nuclear DNA accumulation, measurement of X-chromatin in two morphologic components of the tumor (epithelial and stromal) confirmed malignant morphological nature of the latter(More)
Malignization of chronic peptic ulcers occurs in 9.7% of cases. Carcinomas of various histological structures develop in the edges of chronic ulcers: dark-cell adenocarcinomas, low-differentiated, colloid cancers, and combinations thereof. Dark-cell adenocarcinomas are most prevalent. In the early stages of development all carcinomas are detected in the(More)
A peculiar mammary gland tumour is described. Histological structures typical for apudomas of various level of differentiation were combined in the tumour. Apart from highly differentiated carcinoid-like areas, there were zones of a small-cell carcinoma corresponding to a poorly differentiated variant of apudoma. Deposits of amyloid were found in the tumor(More)