L. V. Nedorezov

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Considered is a mathematical model for dynamics of an isolated population with non-overlapping generations. The individuals' birth process (emergence of new-generation individuals) is assumed to have a discrete nature (there exist some fixed time moments at which the new generations emerge), while the death process is assumed to be continuous. In addition,(More)
For approximation of some well-known time series of Paramecia caudatun population dynamics (G. F. Gause, The Struggle for Existence, 1934) Verhulst and Gompertz models were used. The parameters were estimated for each of the models in two different ways: with the least squares method (global fitting) and non-traditional approach (a method of extreme(More)
At present paper we consider the nonparametric mathematical model which describes the function of fastest mechanisms of arterial pressure regulation (baroreceptor mechanism, chemoreceptor mechanism, "relaxation of tension", ischemic reaction of central nervous system). For the model we define the dynamic regimens for arterial pressure behaviour and discuss(More)
Analysis of experimental trajectories in temperature-myographic BFB-training is considered. Analysis of point density on the phase plane (first of all, the states of extreme density points with respect to some basic thresholds) makes it possible to determine the main tendencies in the development of the training process. It also provides an opportunity to(More)
A mathematical model for the dynamics of functioning of an insect immune subsystem is considered. It is assumed that the interaction between hemocytes and bacteria corresponds to the Volterra principle of "pair interactions": the rate at which bacteria enter the system decreases in proportion to the rate of interaction of hemocytes with bacteria. In the(More)
New approach to estimation of ecological model parameters is considered and applied to analysis of wellknown pine looper moth time series (Klomp, 1966). Within the framework of approach it is assumed that before constructing and minimizing of loss-function basic requirements to model and to deviations between empirical and theoretical (model) datasets must(More)
The authors propose new type of models with non-overlapping generations. It is assumed that during winter period individuals are not active (as, for example, in insect populations in boreal forests) and some portion of population dyes. However the portion of population, that survives, Q, indirectly depends on feeding conditions in previous growing season.(More)
The goal of this work was to perform statistical analysis of experimental trajectories of temperature-myographic BFB training. Approximation of signals was implemented using fractional-linear functions. It was found that the number of approximation functions decreased with increasing number of sessions. Moreover, if the number of approximation functions was(More)
The paper presents the analysis of various mathematical models for dynamics of isolated population and for competition between two species. It is assumed that mortality is continuous and birth of individuals of new generations takes place in certain fixed moments. Influence of winter upon the population dynamics and conditions of classic discrete model(More)