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The article summarises data on the activity of tubular enzymes having marked organ-specific characteristics related to kidneys. They are N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAG), its thermostable isoenzyme NAG B and beta-galactosidase localised in lysosomes. L-canavinine, ornithine aminotransferase having mitochondrial localization have also been discussed in(More)
Activity of tubular lysosomic (N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase--NAG, its thermostable isoenzyme NAG B and B-galactosidase--beta-GAL) and mitochondrial (L-canavanine: ornithine amidinetransferase--COAT) enzymes were measured in urine of 30 patients with diabetes complicated by diabetic nephropathy (DN). It was shown that activity of NAG, especially its(More)
In patients with acute pyelonephritis, the efficiency has been studied of the blood transcutaneous laser irradiation and of the medicamentous membrane-stabilizing therapy, with n = 31 and n = 27 respectively. In the serous stage of acute pyelonephritis both methods appeared to be efficient while in the transitional stage it is the membrane-stabilizing(More)
The activities of lipid peroxidation processes and enzymes of antioxidant system in the blood of patient with renal failure have been studied. The results demonstrated stimulation of lipid peroxidation processes in blood serum, cellular membranes of erythrocytes and in urine. The study of the antioxidant system discovered the inhibition of various enzymes:(More)
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