L. V. Hankes

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CONTEXT Substance use disorders among physicians are important and persistent problems. Considerable debate exists over whether use of major opioids, especially among anesthesiologists, is associated with a higher relapse rate compared with alcohol and nonopioids. Moreover, the risk factors for relapse with current treatment and monitoring strategies are(More)
The cerebral uptake of 11C-nicotinic acid (11C-NAC) and 11C-nicotinamide (11C-NAM) was quantified by the use of PET. Based on the amount of activity injected, the PET images showed a low cerebral uptake of 11C-NAC, while 11C-NAM was clearly visualized in the cortical areas. This discrepancy was found to be the result of the binding of 11C-NAC to the red(More)
Earlier work showed that the nutritive value of casein was decreased by dry heat and that the addition of lysine restored its nutritive value (1). The lysine was not damaged materially by the heat treatment, since analyses of acid hydrolysates of heated casein with lysine decarboxylase (2) and chemical isolation as the picrate (3) showed no decrease in the(More)
3-Hydroxyanthranilic acid has been well established as an intermediate in the conversion of tryptophan to niacin (1)) quinolinic acid (21, and picolinic acid (3). A fourth fate of 3-hydroxyanthranilate has been proposed by Dalgliesh and Tabechian (4) who suggested that tryptophan might be metabolized to COz by way of the unstable primary oxidation product(More)