L. V. Chernaya

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In Russia, where the biogeochemical situation is exceptionally diverse, investigations of regions with extreme natural and anthropogenic environmental conditions are of great practical significance. The hydrosphere of the Middle Urals, being exposed to a strong anthropogenic toxic impact, is undergoing large-scale changes that entail both the impoverishment(More)
The first comparison of the spectra of free amino acids in tissues of the medicinal leeches H. medicinalis from different climatic and geographical Eurasian areas has been performed. Adaptation of H. medicinalis to extreme climatic conditions occurs via intensification of the amino acid metabolism resulting from a significant increase in the content of(More)
385 Medicinal leeches are the best studied group of the leech fauna due to their practical applications in med icine and pharmacology (Kustov et al., 2005; Nikonov, 2007; Romanova and Klimina, 2010; Petrauskiene et al., 2011; Elliot and Kutschera, 2011). However, their ecophysiological characteristics and ability to maintain homeostasis need further(More)
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