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The bactericidal effect of water from the Indian and Pacific oceans and Caspian and White seas on Escherichia coli was studied. It is shown that a decrease in the viability of E. coli cells is accompanied by the appearance and active multiplication of small bacteria of a vibrioid form. Two strains of such bacteria were isolated from a suspension of E. coli(More)
The fatty acid composition of twelve Bdellovibrio strains isolated upon the growth on bacteria of various taxonomic groups was studied. A dependence of the lipid composition of bdellovibrios on that of bacteria they were parasitizing on was shown. Data pointing to the selective incorporation of fatty acids of host bacteria by bdellovibrios were obtained.(More)
Experiments on E. coli used as a model have revealed that fatty-acid composition is one of the characteristics which determine the viability of bacteria in the air. The viability of microbial cells in the air has been shown to increase with the increase of the pool of cyclopropane acids and the palmitic acid/palmitoleic acid ratio in the cells, irrespective(More)
By-products of the transformation were studied, which were formed in the process of 11alpha and 11beta-hydroxylation of 21-acetate of the Reichstein substance "S" by the culture of Tieghemella orchidis. The following steroid derivatives, known before, were isolated: epihydrocortisone, 6beta-hydroxy derivative of the Reichstein substance "S", hydrocortisone,(More)