L Turégano

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Nicotine/nicotine agonists, which have been proposed as therapeutic agents for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, produce a wide variety of effects on the nervous system. Some mechanisms involved remain poorly understood. In this work, immunohistochemical techniques were used to determine the effect of nicotine on(More)
The effects of nicotine on the activity of different dehydrogenases in frontoparietal regions and subcortical nuclei of the rat brain have been studied using histochemical methods. Nicotine sulphate was intraperitoneally administered in acute (4 mg/kg/day x 3 days) or chronic (ALZET osmotic pump providing 2 mg/kg/day x 15 days) doses. The enzymes analyzed(More)
Glyoxylic acid is synthesized and catabolized in cells of vertebrates; several pathways have been described. In previous papers, we have demonstrated the localization in some areas of the rat cerebral cortex both of beta-NAD-dependent glyoxylate dehydrogenase (glyoDH), using an enzymohistochemical method, and of glyoxylate-complex molecules, using(More)
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