L. Tsetseris

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Transition-metal nitrides (TMN) have exceptional stability, which underlies their use in various applications. Here, we study the role of N point defects on the stability of prototype TMNs using first-principles calculations. We find that distinct regimes for TMN changes relate to specific atomic-scale mechanisms, namely, diffusion of N interstitials(More)
  • T D M Fleetwood, X Roy, Y S Shen, E X Puzyrev, R D Zhang, S T Schrimpf +58 others
  • 2013
Total dose and single event effects in highly scaled CMOS microelectronics, " 2 Addressing future trends in microelectronics radiation response via experiment and modeling, An update on enhanced low dose rate sensitivity in bipolar linear circuits,
We investigate the feasibility of using CdTe nanotetrapods as circuit elements using models and simulation at multiple scales. Technology computer-aided design tools are used to simulate the electrical behavior for both metal-semiconductor field-effect transistors and junction field-effect transistors. Our results show that by varying the doping(More)
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