L. Trávníček

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The authors investigated within the framework of non-specific immunity reactions proteins of the acute phase during spontaneous delivery and Caesarean section up to the 5th day after delivery and on the 1st, 5th and 10th day after delivery in forty women, half of them healthy and half suffering from late gestoses. Half the women had spontaneous deliveries,(More)
V semenech jabloně a hrušně bylo nalezeno 0,5—0,7 % tryptofanu na sušinu jádra. V hydrolyzátu hrušňového a jabloňového semene byl nalezen tryptofan mikrobiologickou metodou. Z exogenního tryptofanu, podaného do letorostů jabloně koncem vegetačního období, vzniká nová indolová sloučenina. Její RF v soustavě isopropanol : čpavek : voda (10 : 1 : 1) je 0,08 a(More)
Within the framework of the stress theory the authors investigated total cortisol levels in the maternal serum during spontaneous delivery and 24 hours after delivery in 20 women half of whom had a non-complicated pregnancy and half had an EPH gestosis. They investigated also cortisol levels in 20 women during delivery by Caesarean section; half of them had(More)
The authors investigated six proteins of the acute phase in the serum of mothers and in the umbilical blood of the foetus during spontaneous delivery and after Caesarean section in 40 women and their neonates. Half the women were in good health, half suffered from late gestoses. The patients' age, weeks of delivery and operation, the mean body weight of the(More)
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