L Tomasella

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The orbits and physical parameters of three detached, double-lined A-F eclipsing binaries have been derived combining H P , V T , B T photometry from the Hip-parcos/Tycho mission with 8500-8750Å ground-based spectroscopy, mimicking the photometric+spectroscopic observations that should be obtained by GAIA, the approved Cornerstone 6 mission by ESA. This(More)
The orbit and physical parameters of the previously unsolved double-lined eclipsing binary V570 Per, discovered by the Hipparcos satellite, are derived using high resolution Echelle spectroscopy and B, V photo-electric photometry. The metallicity from χ 2 analysis of the spectra is [M/H]=+0.02±0.03, and reddening from interstellar NaI and KI absorption(More)
Super-luminous supernovae that radiate more than 10(44) ergs per second at their peak luminosity have recently been discovered in faint galaxies at redshifts of 0.1-4. Some evolve slowly, resembling models of 'pair-instability' supernovae. Such models involve stars with original masses 140-260 times that of the Sun that now have carbon-oxygen cores of(More)
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