L. Tomaciello

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Nowadays, the evaluation of performance measurement in computer networks is an important issue. To ensure the quality of service of the network communication, one of the most important network performance parameters is the one-way delay (OWD). For accurate OWD estimation, it is essential to consider some parameters that can influence the measure, such as(More)
Accurate OWD (one-way delay) measurement has a relevant role in network performance estimation and consequently in application design. In order to estimate OWD accurately it is essential to consider some parameters which influence the measure, such as operating system (OS) loaded on the PC, the treads, and the PC synchronization in the network. Due to the(More)
The voice quality in Internet protocol (IP) telephony is significantly influenced by various impairments, including delay and its variation, bandwidth congestion and the distribution of the packet loss. Hence, the performance of IP telephony systems is highly dependent on understanding the influence of these factors on the voice quality. This paper deals(More)
This paper aims to propose a session initiation protocol (SIP) automatic debugger tool. It is a software instrument that will be used to verify the compliance of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) devices, such as soft phones and VoIP gateways to the SIP specifications, and to test the interoperability of VoIP equipment produced by different manufacturers.(More)
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