L. Tiina Sarjakoski

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Recently, along with the breakthrough of the Internet and mobile environment, the development towards screen maps used as intelligent user interfaces appears to be emergent. This means that if we consider the map on a mobile device to be one type of a graphical user interface, the same usability issues that occur in other software development must also be(More)
Along with the increasing number of mobile applications for pedestrian use a need arises for more intuitive wayfinding instructions, also for broader use such as hiking. To get a deeper understanding about what kinds of terms and concepts people use when moving in a natural environment and how they describe their surroundings, an empirical thinking aloud(More)
Landmarks constitute an essential basis for a structural understanding of the spatial environment. Therefore, they are crucial factors in external spatial representations such as maps and verbal route descriptions, which are used to support wayfinding. However, selecting landmarks for these representations is a difficult task, for which an understanding of(More)