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A newborn infant with clinical signs of the Goldenhar-syndrome was found to have a lipoma of the corpus callosum documented both by cranial sonography and computerized tomography. The association of lipoma of the corpus callosum and Goldenhar-syndrome is discussed and in view of the recent literature, it is concluded that lipoma of the corpus callosum like(More)
Testicular biopsies from 29 infants with cryptorchidism between birth (gestational age as early as 36 weeks) and 9 months of age were compared to 34 biopsies from the testes of boys at postmortem examination, or during operation for a hydrocele or hernia. The total number of germ cells was similar in both groups but normal testes showed a transformation of(More)
A boy with the pseudo-hydrocephalic progeroid syndrome (McKusic 26409) [7] is presented and compared to five previously reported children. The boy presented with major skeletal abnormalities, which receded during the first few months of life. Special investigations like studies on collagen, electron microscopy, and growth studies of fibroblasts did not(More)
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