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In mammalian species studied to date, the first-born neocortical cells normally form two layers, one above and one below the cortical plate, called the marginal zone (future layer 1) and the subplate. In primates and carnivores, many of these first-born cells die early in postnatal life. Whether this also occurs in rodents is highly controversial. In this(More)
The upper body trunk musculature is key in supporting breathing, propulsion, and stabilization during front crawl swimming. The aim of this study was to determine if the latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, and serratus anterior contributed to the development of inspiratory muscle fatigue observed following front crawl swimming. Fourteen trained swimmers(More)
SUMMARY For 30 years or so specialists in wheelchair seating services in the developed world have captured many thousands of shapes (contours) in various forms for custom seating systems. The predominant methodology employs a plaster casting technique and as a result, shape information is often retained in the plaster cast, therefore has not been measured(More)
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