L. T. W. de Jong van den Berg

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The use of n i f e d i p i n e (Nit) in the treatment of hypertension i s l imi ted by rapid b i o i n a c t i v a t i o n . Therefore a sustained re lease t a b l e t (NifSR) has been developed. Our study was designed to compare the pharmacokineties of NifSR (20 mg) with those of a capsule (NifCap; 2xlO mg) and an i.v. injection (Nifiv; O.O15 mg/kg) in(More)
SUMMARY Breast reduction is effective in treating symptomatic macromastia. Access to surgery is sometimes limited for overweight and obese women for fear of complications. We studied the impact of body weight on postoperative complications in a consecutive series of 273 Finnish women who underwent breast reduction using either superior pedicle (n=94) or(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Iontophoretic sodium salicylate treatment of plantar warts was studied. SUBJECTS Twenty patients with 104 plantar verrucae were studied. METHODS Two percent sodium salicylate solution was administered iontophoretically (22.5 mA-minute/electrode, 3 treatments at 6- to 9-day intervals). Results. Nineteen subjects were followed.(More)
A woman with left atrial myxoma had progressive disturbance of intellectual function, headache, and prominent constitutional symptoms. The absence of stroke is noteworthy. Multiple high-density lesions with contrast enhancement were seen by CT scan, suggesting metastatic neoplasms, hematomas, or hemorrhagic infarcts. Serial study showed progressive(More)