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 The complete nucleotide sequences of RNAs 1 to 4 of Beet soilborne mosaic virus (BSBMV) were determined. The genomic organization of BSBMV is identical to Beet necrotic yellow vein virus (BNYVV), the type species of the genus Benyvirus. BSBMV RNA1 encodes a single large open reading frame (ORF) with similar replicase-associated motifs identified for BNYVV.(More)
Prions are a paradigm-shifting mechanism of inheritance in which phenotypes are encoded by self-templating protein conformations rather than nucleic acids. Here, we examine the breadth of protein-based inheritance across the yeast proteome by assessing the ability of nearly every open reading frame (ORF; ∼5,300 ORFs) to induce heritable traits. Transient(More)
TNF-alpha is a physiological regulator of mammary gland development that stimulates the growth of both normal and malignant mammary epithelial cells in primary culture and inhibits functional differentiation. To understand how TNF exerts its effects, the current study examined the mechanism by which TNF down-regulates expression of the beta-casein and whey(More)
When cells undergo replication stress, proper checkpoint activation and deactivation are critical for genomic stability and cell survival and therefore must be highly regulated. Although mechanisms of checkpoint activation are well studied, mechanisms of checkpoint deactivation are far less understood. Previously, we reported that chromatin remodeling(More)
The human Deltex (DTX1) gene encodes a cytoplasmic protein that functions as a positive regulator of the Notch signaling pathway. We have determined the genomic organization and map location of the human gene. DTX1 encodes a 2.5-kb cDNA that is composed of nine exons. The DTX1 gene maps to chromosomal region 12q24 in the vicinity of the Noonan syndrome(More)
Eukaryotic DNA replication initiates from multiple discrete sites in the genome, termed origins of replication (origins). Prior to S phase, multiple origins are poised to initiate replication by recruitment of the pre-replicative complex (pre-RC). For proper replication to occur, origin activation must be tightly regulated. At the population level, each(More)