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The economic implication of the maintenance phase of software development process can be managed by using software metrics to build maintainability quality into software products. Several software quality models and maintainability measurement models/methods have been proposed in the literatures, still the evaluation of Object-Oriented Software (OOS)(More)
Since the proliferation of software product in the (semi)automation of business operations, most especially software product developed using the object-oriented methodology; the quality of the design of software becomes significant. The measurement of the quality attributes of software during and after development guides software developers in ensuring the(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of numerous tiny nodes powered by very small batteries that are normally non-rechargeable. Many researchers have thus focused on the issue of optimizing energy efficiency in WSNs. Their research have shown that routing operation is in fact the main energy expensive operation in the WSN because it tends to utilize(More)
In recent years, increasing demand for computing has led to the development of computational grid. Typically scheduling challenges tend to be NP-hard problems where there is no optimal solution. The research reported here therefore is focused on the development of hybrids scheduling algorithms based on deadline and slack time parameters and its variations,(More)
Electricity consumption for cooling purpose is known to be the most expensive operational cost factor in data centers. Inefficient cooling leads to high temperature and this in turn leads to hardware failure. This paper proposes a Thermal Aware Modified Least Slack Time Round Robin Based (MLST-RR) scheduling algorithm that can avoid high thermal stress(More)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology enables composition of large and complex computational units out of the available atomic services. Due to the dynamic nature of SOA the implementation of SOA brings about many challenges, for instance, in terms of service discovery, service interaction, service composition, robustness, quality of service, etc.(More)
Green Information Technology has recently become one of the main focuses in research and practice with its primary goal to reduce power consumption. This research will contribute to Green IT by efficiently managing personal computer (PC) power consumption in an organization. The objective of this research is to explore the factors surrounding PCs which may(More)
Over the decades people have seen a change from large mainframe computing to commodity, off-the-shelf clusters of high performance computers. Currently data centers have thousands or tens of thousands of high performance computers that provides services as well as computation for tens or hundreds of thousands of users. Traditional IT challenges such as(More)
Recently, the increasing demand for computing has led to the development of computational grids. Subsequently, the increased demand has also resulted in the significant heat management problem in the computational grid environment. The increased in computational workloads caused the servers to produce more heat, which consequently upsurges the cooling load.(More)
This paper presents the design and development of an expert system (ES) for Islamic medication on a mobile platform. This ES can be accessed by users via mobile devices to obtain treatment or therapy to cure illnesses based on the verses of Al-Quran and the Prophetic sayings (Hadith). The mobile platform allows users to access the ES almost anywhere and(More)