L. T. Fan

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Stoichiometrically, exact candidate pathways or mechanisms for deriving the rate law of a catalytic or complex reaction can be determined through the synthesis of networks of plausible elementary reactions constituting such pathways. A rigorous algorithmic method is proposed for executing this synthesis, which is exceedingly convoluted due to its(More)
Among separation systems, the ones comprising separators effected by different separation methods have been steadily gaining attention lately. Our earlier work has revealed that it is exceedingly complicated to optimally synthesize via superstructure any of these separation networks featuring simple and sharp separators, multiple feed and product streams,(More)
The current work demonstrates that separation-network synthesis (SNS) problems can be transformed into process-network synthesis (PNS) problems: The SNS problems constitute a particular class of PNS problems. Thus, the transformed SNS problems are solvable by resorting to the P-graph methodology originally introduced for the PNS problems. The methodology(More)
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