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Two different cDNA clones, MsP5CS-1 and MsP5CS-2, encoding delta1 -pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthase (P5CS). the first enzyme of the proline biosynthetic pathway, were isolated from a lambdaZap-cDNA library constructed from salt stressed Medicago sativa roots. MsP5CS-1 (2.6 kb) has an open reading frame of 717 amino acids, as well as a non-spliced intron at(More)
Expression of the Sesbania rostrata leghemoglobin glb3 gene was analyzed in transgenic Lotus corniculatus and tobacco plants harboring chimeric glb3-uidA (gus) gene fusions to identify cis-acting elements involved in nodule-specific gene expression and general transcriptional control. A 1.9-kilobase fragment of the glb3 5'-upstream region was found to(More)
Synthesis of an estrogen affinity adsorbent containing a disulfide linkage between the steroid and stationary matrix permitted facile purification of high affinity estrogen binding proteins. Following affinity chromatography of either antibody directed against estrone 17-carboxymethyloxime - bovine serum albumin or immature calf uterine cytoplasmic estrogen(More)
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