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It is known since the pioneering works of Scheffer and Shnirelman that there are nontrivial distributional solutions to the Euler equations which are compactly supported in space and time. Obviously these solutions do not respect the classical conservation law for the total kinetic energy and they are therefore very irregular. In recent joint works we have(More)
Trotz der langen Geschichte der Regularitätstheorie elliptischer Systeme beziehen sich die meisten Resultate auf monotone Systeme, und über Lösungen, die keine Minimierer sind, ist nur wenig bekannt. Basierend auf M. Gromovs konvexer Integration und L. Tartars kompensierter Kompaktheit haben S. Müller und V. Šverák Ende der Neunziger Jahre überraschende(More)
RDX is one of the most important military explosives. It is a component of some plastic explosives which are frequently used in terrorist attacks. Two fluorimetric methods have been described for the quantitative determination of RDX which are based on the detection of nitrite ions. After a basic decomposition of RDX the nitrite ion can be detected by(More)
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