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Unrefined groundnut oil (GNO) and refined sunflower oil (SFO) were blended with four minor oils including laboratory refined red palmolein (RRPO), physically refined rice bran oil (RBO), unrefined sesame oil (SESO), and unrefined coconut oil (CNO) containing natural antioxidants viz., β-carotene, tocopherols, oryzanol and lignans. The five blends prepared(More)
Coconut water and kernel are the edible portions of the coconut. A study was carried out to evaluate the physico-chemical characteristics, phytonutrients and stability of coconut water (CW), kernel (CK) at different stages of maturity and commercial coconut products (CCP). The moisture content of CW, CK and CCP were in the range of 95-97 g 100 g(-1), 50-85(More)
Oilseed cakes have been in use for feed preparation. Being rich in proteins, antioxidants, fibers, vitamins and minerals, oilseed cakes have been considered ideal for food supplementation. These oilseed cakes can be processed and made more palatable and edible by suitable treatments and then incorporated as food supplements for human consumption. Rice bran(More)
The design of recommender systems for various domains has been proposed based on the nature inspired algorithms. In this paper attempt is made to propose a Nature Inspired Algorithms based architecture for recommender system for web based learning environments. The paper also compares between the traditional recommender systems and the nature inspired(More)
  • L Sunil, P Srinivas, P K Prasanth Kumar, A G Gopala Krishna
  • Journal of food science and technology
  • 2015
Sunflower oil is being made shelf stable by the incorporation of synthetic antioxidants such as tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), while natural antioxidants like oryzanol and tocopherols can also be used. The aim of the current investigation was to evaluate the antioxidant effect of natural oryzanol (Oz) concentrate (15.5 % oryzanol) and purified Oz (80 %(More)
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