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The success of large scale relativistic multiconfiguration Dirac–Hartree–Fock calculations for atomic systems rely on judiciously chosen configuration expansions. Dependent on the atomic system as well as on the studied properties, various correlation effects need to be considered. Based on the active set approach, this program allows the user to generate(More)
BACKGROUND Pain is one of the most common symptoms in the Emergency Department (ED) and is the cause of more than half of the visits to the ED. Several attempts to improve pain management have been done by using, for example, standards/guidelines and education. To our knowledge no one has investigated if and how different actions over a longitudinal period(More)
BACKGROUND Pain is one of the most common symptoms treated in emergency department (ED). Pain may cause suffering and disability for the patient. Inadequate pain management may be associated with increased risk of complications such as sleep disturbance, delirium and depression. Previous studies conclude that pain management in ED is insufficient and(More)
Marine monitoring programmes are seldom planned and realized to fulfil the requirements of the statistical methods used. The shortcomings of these methods are rarely discussed in the literature. In this work two different methods for trend analysis are applied to a real case and attention is given to the possible violation of the underlying assumptions.(More)
AIMS & OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to explore registered nurses' (RN) own experience of using the nurse-initiated pain protocol (NIPP) in the emergency department (ED) based on their working experience. BACKGROUND Pain is known to be one of the most common symptoms among adult patients seeking care at the ED. Several strategies aiming to improve(More)
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