L. Steven Johnson

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We have characterized a new CHO cell line (12-4) derived from a parental line, TRVb-1, that expresses the human transferrin receptor. This mutant belongs to the end2 complementation group of endocytosis mutants. Like other end2 mutants, the endosomes in 12-4 cells show a partial acidification defect. These cells internalize LDL and transferrin at 70% of the(More)
Automated image acquisition, a custom analysis algorithm, and a distributed computing resource were used to add time as a third dimension to a quantitative trait locus (QTL) map for plant root gravitropism, a model growth response to an environmental cue. Digital images of Arabidopsis thaliana seedling roots from two independently reared sets of 162(More)
Pervasive transcription is observed in a wide range of organisms, including humans, mice, and viruses, but the functional significance of the resulting transcripts remains uncertain. Current genetic approaches are often limited by their emphasis on protein-coding open reading frames (ORFs). We previously identified extensive pervasive transcription from the(More)
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