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Recently, various methods have emerged for sub- Nyquist sampling and reconstruction of signals with finite rate of innovation (FRI). These methods seek to sample parametric signals at close to their information rate and later reconstruct the parameters of interest. Some proposed reconstruction algorithms are based on annihilating filters and root-finding.(More)
We design a study assess to improve the speed in a P300 Brain-Computer Interface, originally described by Farewell and Donchin in 1988. A grid of characters is displayed on a screen randomly, and when the character of interest is illuminated, 300 ms afterwards a deflection in the EEG signal is generated. In such scenarios, the time to specify a menu option(More)
For a given high-speed machinery, a significant source of the internally induced vibrational excitation is the presence of high frequency harmonics in the trajectories that the system is forced to follow. In this paper a special class of rational Brzier curves is presented that correspond to low-harmonic trajectory patterns. Harmonic Bernstein polynomials(More)
In this paper, we propose an open flow controller that takes into account different application's needs such as latency, bandwidth, reliability, network jitter, etc and optimizes the flow on a combination of such factors. It is a dynamic system that constantly keeps track of these parameters and adapts to changes happening in the network and pushes updated(More)
Grid computing is a next level of infrastructure that provides dependable, consistent, pervasive, and inexpensive access to high-end computational capabilities with variety of shared resources. In this high end computing infrastructure job scheduling is a complex one due to grid infrastructures. This proposal gives a detail analysis of various scheduling(More)
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