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The lack of reliable techniques to follow up scoliotic deformity from the external asymmetry of the trunk leads to a general use of X-rays and indices of spinal deformity. Young adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis need intensive follow-ups for many years and, consequently, they are repeatedly exposed to ionising radiation, which is hazardous to their(More)
2b-RAD (type IIB endonucleases restriction-site associated DNA) approach was invented by Wang in 2012 and proven as a simple and flexible method for genome-wide genotyping. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement for the existent 2b-RAD approach. Firstly, it doesn’t include the samples pooling in library preparation as other reduced(More)
Tacit knowledge is the source of knowledge creation, but the organization and retrieval of tacit knowledge using IT has not been discussed much. In this paper, we defined Internal Knowledge Evolution Network (IKEN) to describe the knowledge evolution process from tacit to explicit, and applied the Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) integrating with(More)
Detecting elliptical objects from an image is a central task in robot navigation and industrial diagnosis, where the detection time is always a critical issue. Existing methods are hardly applicable to these real-time scenarios of limited hardware resource due to the huge number of fragment candidates (edges or arcs) for fitting ellipse equations. In this(More)
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