L. Simon

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First level short- and long-range spatial interactions are considered to be processed in the primary visual cortex. In psychophysics, they are measured with two kinds of stimuli, Gabor patches and lines/points. Each has its own short- and long-range definitions. We show that first, in terms of visual angle separation, the two definitions do not correspond(More)
The acoustic modality yields non destructive testing techniques of choice for in-depth investigation. Given a precise model of acoustic wave propagation in materials of possibly complex structures, acoustical imaging amounts to the so-called acoustic wave inversion. A less ambitious approach consists in processing pulse-echo data (typically, A-or B-scans)(More)
L'objectif de l'étude est de caractériser le bruit de structure et de détecter la présence d'éventuels défauts dans la structure auscultée. La caractérisation du bruit de structure se fait à partir de signaux Ascan. Ces signaux sont traités au moyen d'une analyse en ondelettes continues dont l'intérêt est d'offrir une représentation des signaux dans un plan(More)
Several alto saxophone players' vibratos have been recorded. The signals are analyzed using time-frequency methods in order to estimate the frequency modulation (vibrato rate) and the amplitude modulation (vibrato extent) of each vibrato sample. Some parameters are derived from the results in order to separate the two ways of vibrato playing: vibrato "à la(More)
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