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Actinobacteria (Actinomycetes) are a significant and interesting group of gram-positive bacteria. They are regular, though infrequent, members of the microbial life in the rumen and represent up to 3 % of total rumen bacteria; there is considerable lack of information about ecology and biology of rumen actinobacteria. During the characterization of(More)
Complete 16S rRNA sequences were determined of recently proposed new species of treponemes designated strain S and T. Sequence comparison indicated that both species belong to the Treponema saccharophilum cluster, having thus at least 5 cultivable representatives. Phylogenetic analysis of available GenBank 16S rRNA sequences revealed two phylogenetically(More)
Genome analysis of Treponema zioleckii proved that, in this bacterium, besides chromosomal DNA, a relatively small extrachromosomal DNA element is present. This element was shown to be a double-stranded circular plasmid DNA of approximately 7 kbp; it was designated as pKT. The plasmid was characterized by molecular and bioinformatic analysis. No pKT(More)
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