L. Shao

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Nuclear energy provides more than 10% of electrical power internationally, and the increasing engagement of nuclear energy is essential to meet the rapid worldwide increase in energy demand. A paramount challenge in the development of advanced nuclear reactors is the discovery of advanced structural materials that can endure extreme environments, such as(More)
Understanding response of solids to particle irradiation remains a major materials physics challenge. This applies even to SiC, which is a prototypical nuclear ceramic and wide-band-gap semiconductor material. The lack of predictability is largely related to the complex, dynamic nature of radiation defect formation. Here, we use a novel pulsed-ion-beam(More)
The rare and endangered plant, Begonia fimbristipula, shows red and green phenotypes, differentiated by a coloration of the abaxial leaf surface. In this study, we compared morphological and physiological traits of both phenotypes. The results showed that the red phenotype contained a significantly higher chlorophyll content, closer arrangement of(More)
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