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— Due to its fast, dynamic, and distributed growth process, it is hard to obtain an accurate map of the Internet. In many cases such a map—representing the structure of the Internet as a graph with nodes and links—is a prerequisite when investigating properties of the Internet. A common way to obtain such maps is to make certain local measurements at a(More)
We consider an APX-hard variant (∆-Max-ATSP) and an APX-hard relaxation (Max-3-DCC) of the classical traveling salesman problem. We present a 31 40-approximation algorithm for ∆-Max-ATSP and a 3 4-approximation algorithm for Max-3-DCC with polynomial running time. The results are obtained via a new way of applying techniques for computing undirected cycle(More)
We analyze approximation algorithms for several variants of the traveling salesman problem with multiple objective functions. First, we consider the symmetric TSP (STSP) with γ-triangle inequality. For this problem, we present a determin-istic polynomial-time algorithm that achieves an approximation ratio of min{1 + γ, 2γ 2 2γ 2 −2γ+1 } + ε and a randomized(More)
Processing of physiological signals often involves detection of peaks and finding intervals between them. Well developed methods are available for Electrocardiogram(ECG) QRS complex detection. However, there are only a few algorithms published for peak detection suitable for pulse wave signals such as arterial pressure wave and photoplethysmographic (PPG)(More)