L. Shan

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The Kaposi's sarcoma-related herpesvirus (KSHV), also designated human herpesvirus 8, is the presumed etiologic agent of Kaposi's sarcoma and certain lymphomas. Although KSHV encodes several chemokine homologues (viral macrophage inflammatory protein [vMIP]-I, -II, and -III), only vMIP-II has been functionally characterized. We report here that vMIP-I is a(More)
Neuromedin U (NmU) is a neuropeptide involved in various physiological functions such as feeding behavior, muscle contractile activity, and regulation of intestinal ion transport. Recently, two human G protein-coupled receptors have been identified as NmU-specific receptors, NmU-R1 and NmU-R2, which share 55% amino acid identity. It is unclear however,(More)
The central issues for understanding iron (Fe)-based superconductors are the symmetry and structure of the superconducting gap. so far the experimental data and theoretical models have been highly controversial. some experiments favor two or more constant or nearly constant gaps, others indicate strong anisotropy and yet others suggest gap zeros ('nodes').(More)
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