L Seethalakshmi

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We examined the effects of the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporine A on male reproduction in sexually mature rats. The drug was administered subcutaneously in 3 doses (10, 20 and 40 mg. per kg. daily) for 14 days. Cyclosporine A administration resulted in a dose-dependent decline in body and reproductive organ weights, histology of the testis showed(More)
Studies in the streptozotocin rat model for diabetes mellitus suggest that sexual dysfunction in these animals may result from diabetes-induced alterations of the neuroendocrine-reproductive tract axis. Our investigation was performed to better define the effects of diabetes on the neuroendocrine sex accessory organ axis in the male rat. Rats were rendered(More)
The effect of sialoadenectomy (Sx) and epidermal growth factor (EGF) administration on testicular function was investigated in 8-week old C3H mice. Animals were divided initially into three groups: sham operated controls, Sx, and Sx + EGF treated (100 micrograms./kg./day subcutaneously for 28 days). Sialoadenectomy completely depleted the circulating levels(More)
The authors examined the effects of the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporine (CsA) on the male reproductive system in prepubertal rats. Twenty-one-day-old rats were subcutaneously injected with either cremaphorsaline vehicle or CsA (1 and 2 mg/kg/d). The animals were treated until they were 66 days old. Cyclosporine did not affect the weights of the body or(More)
The authors had previously shown that the subcutaneous administration of cyclosporine (CsA) resulted in an impairment of spermatogenesis. Testosterone levels declined and gonadotropin levels increased, suggesting that CsA primarily affects the synthesis and secretion of testosterone. In this study, the authors attempted to determine whether the exogenous(More)
Cis-platinum-based chemotherapy is known to impair spermatogenesis, but the effects of paternal cis-platinum treatment on the progeny are unknown. To study this effect, sexually mature male Sprague-Dawley rats were administered intraperitoneal injections of saline or cis-platinum (0.5 mg/kg per day) for 9 weeks. Every week, one set of control and treated(More)
BACKGROUND Neurotensin (NT), a neuroendocrine peptide, exerts trophic effects in vivo and stimulates growth of some tumor cells in vitro. Androgen-sensitive prostate cells derived from lymph node carcinoma of the prostate (LNCaP) secrete NT and exhibit growth responses to NT. This study examines NT secretion, NT receptor and NT-growth responses in(More)
The role of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in maintaining the integrity of the male sex accessory glands was investigated in the mouse. In the sexually mature male C3H mouse, EGF levels were highest in the submandibular gland, followed by the seminal vesicles and the prostate. Twenty eight days after sialoadenectomy (Sx), EGF fell below detectable limits in(More)
Administration of cyclosporine to rats has been shown to impair testicular function, resulting in a decrease in sperm counts and fertility. In order to determine whether or not the deleterious effects of CsA could be reversed by hormonal therapy, mature male Sprague Dawley rats were treated with CsA (40 mg/kg/day, s.c.) alone or in combination with human(More)