L S Shliakhtenko

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A detailed study of the behaviour of DNA in water-salt-ethanol mixtures has been carried out. We have made a diagram of DNA states in these mixtures and established the ranges of ethanol and salt concentrations corresponding to A and B conformations of DNA. We have also identified the ranges of strong DNA aggregation characterized by intense psi + and psi-(More)
The following DNA fragments were studied: T5A5, U5G5, C5G5, RI (CCGAATTCGG), and RV (CCGATATCGG). The ligated decamers were run on 8% polyacrylamide gel. The PAGE anomaly was measured by the R-factor. Under standard conditions R is maximum for A5G5 and U5A5 (R = 1.9-2.0); R has intermediate values for RI and T5A5 (R200 = 1.05-1.10). T5A5 exhibits unusual(More)
Diethyl pyrocarbonate was used as a probe in mapping early melting stages in supercoiled DNA. It was shown that in the process of early melting of pAO3 DNA two denatured regions (about 15 b.p.) arouse near the left and right boundaries of the cruciform structure. In course of further melting denatured regions appeared within AT-rich stretches and the(More)
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