L. S. Sadovnik

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Optical gratings are used extensively for beamsteering in the visible and IR range of the spectrum. Change in the dielectric permittivity of a semiconductor medium resulting from the excitation of a nonequilibrium electron-hole plasma makes it possible to extend this technique to MMW frequencies. A photo-induced plasma grating (PIPG) can be easily rewritten(More)
A hologram recording geometry that was total internal reflection of the reference and reconstruction beams from a photosensitive material surface is used to achieve 0.5-microm resolution at lambda = 457 nm in the readout of a reconstructed image on a photoresist. Such a geometry has demonstrated stable image quality for parallel displacement within the(More)
A new electronically controlled MMW beam-steering antenna is presented in the paper. The antenna operation is based on interaction of millimeter waves with solid-state plasma in a planar semiconductor waveguide. Proof of the concept experiment has demonstrated the feasibility of the approach. The new antenna is a cost-effective alternative to electronically(More)
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