L. S. S. Reddy

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Cloud Computing is emerging as a new computational paradigm shift. Hadoop-MapReduce has become a powerful Computation Model for processing large data on distributed commodity hardware clusters such as Clouds. In all Hadoop implementations, the default FIFO scheduler is available where jobs are scheduled in FIFO order with support for other priority based(More)
Nowadays most of the cloud applications process large amount of data to provide the desired results. Data volumes to be processed by cloud applications are growing much faster than computing power. This growth demands new strategies for processing and analyzing information. Dealing with large data volumes requires two things: 1) Inexpensive, reliable(More)
Multipath routing protocol always aims to achieve higher reliability and load balancing in Wireless Sensor Network. In the proposed framework of the project with various assumptions, constraints and dependencies of a heterogeneous wireless sensor network an efficient scheme of multipath congestion has been experimented. In this Project, it is propose about(More)
MapReduce has become a popular programming model for running data intensive applications on the cloud. Completion time goals or deadlines of MapReduce jobs set by users are becoming crucial in existing cloud-based data processing environments like Hadoop. There is a conflict between the scheduling MR jobs to meet deadlines and " data locality " (assigning(More)
The recent increase in dimensionality of data has thrown a great challenge to the existing dimensionality reduction methods in terms of their effectiveness. Dimensionality reduction has emerged as one of the significant preprocessing steps in machine learning applications and has been effective in removing inappropriate data, increasing learning accuracy,(More)
This paper highlights the extension of dwt-svd based image watermarking to medical images. In recent times internet has become a primary source of communication between the diagnostics center and the remote doctor located at some hospital. With the use of internet come the problem of data authenticity and the responsibility of the medical practitioner to(More)
Optimisation of vlsi architecture in wireless sensor network (WSN) scheme for fusion centre to detect the faults of sensor nodes via efficient collaborative sensor fault detection (ECSFD), these scheme identifies the sensor node fault percentage and its efficiency of the particular sensor node. In real world most of the applications of WSN are based on ASIC(More)