L. S. Rafi

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In this paper, two problems of optimal resource allocation to modules during testing phase are studied: (1) maximization of the number of faults removed when the amount of testing-effort is fixed, and (2) maximization of the number of faults removed satisfying a certain percentage of initial faults to be removed with a fixed amount of testing-effort. These(More)
Gokhale and Trivedi (1998) have proposed the Log-logistic software reliability growth model that can capture the increasing/ decreasing nature of the failure occurrence rate per fault. In this paper, we will first show that a Log-logistic testing-effort function (TEF) can be expressed as a software development/testing-effort expenditure curve. We(More)
BACKGROUND Sheeppox (SPP) is one of the priorities, high-impact animal diseases in many developing countries, where live attenuated vaccines are routinely used against sheeppox virus (SPPV). In an event of an SPP outbreak, historically disease-free countries would hesitate to use of live vaccines against SPPVdue to the safety and trade reasons. Currently no(More)
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